Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Small Things

So today I will focus on the small or not so small things. For example, today was Megan and Christopher's four year anniversary, very big for them :). I cannot believe that it was four years ago that we had the wedding!! I still feel like they are Megan's "newly weds" (aka a year and under). But alas, that's hard for them to be since their son is almost a year old and they got married pre-MIT. Star testing is coming up tomorrow, which in my mind means only one thing: nap time!! Three hours to do something that takes me maximum one hour to do? I'll take that any day :). Also, I have a new section in drumline, the cymbal section! I'm not going to lie, I'm pretty excited about it and I think that our drumline will smash the competition next year and we will do even better than this year! :D

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


So just a small insert for my recent exciting moment that I had on Saturday (hence the title). My drumline WON the Open Class (2nd hardest) division championships!!!!! Its very very exciting and an excellent way to win a season! :) this is the URL for our winning picture for after we won, completed with medals and uniforms :) (I couldn't get the picture onto this so yeah, that's for if anyone wants to see it). That's pretty much the only exciting news for now, and I shall write again soon!!

Lauren feel better!!! Hope that concussion is no match for you :)

Friday, April 23, 2010

Long time, no see

OK so to my defense, me not writing since January is NOT MY FAULT.....I have been a very busy girl. First off, a major, major reason why I have not written is FOREVER is because of drumline. Drumline, it seems, has taken over my life (as many can agree due to my constantly sleep deprived face and one of my most common answers is: "can't, drumline"). But alas! Tomorrow is my last competition for drumline winter season '10. Tomorrow is championships! Another reason for my lack of writing before my homework made 5 hours of sleep a luxury, was soccer. There was a lot of soccer in that mix, so it made any pre- February ski trip impossible. So, as you see, it has been quite hard to write on my blog! But to recap..

Lets see, the ski trip was fun (as usual) and our soccer team had a great end of the season, we ended really strong and no one wanted soccer season to end. Then drumline season started. Lets just say that this year's drumline's skill level is a LOT higher than last year's drumline. We've had a pretty good season, with only one bad show, which is good. This Saturday is our championships for ADLA, and our last show of the season. Needless to say, everyone is very, very excited about that part. The last thing really of consequence for me to talk about was my New Orleans trip over spring break. I went to New Orleans with my band and it was extremely fun. I had a spiritual experience at one point that really helped me mixed in with some hard core French doughnuts, extreme late night exercising at the hotel, some flee market action, a cruise and some good old fashion bonding. All in all it was an amazing experience and I couldn't have spent my spring break any other way! Everyone had loads f fun, and no one wanted to leave, our whole group bonding with the most random people (Ex. a guy we saw dancing our first day, and now everyone is friends with him on facebook). Life has been pretty sweet all in all :)

Besides this, not much has happened to me besides the recent resurrection of my "middle-child" sister, Allie. She has finally come home, carrying with her a wake of cravings and a flurry of paper with the purpose of sending her off to her mission, now that they have extended the time to send in a person's mission papers for four months instead of three before that person's birthday. And Allie just had her four-months-until-her-birthday day, so she was running at the speed of sound to get them in, creating excitement every time a phone rang, saying loudly, "IS IT THE BISHOP?!" But alas, they are in now and she is just enjoying her stay here (we are TREMENDOUSLY enjoying it, she is a breath of fresh air).

I cannot believe that I have written this much already! I came into this thinking that there would be nothing to say, but I suppose I was wrong, which isn't a bad thing. Well time for me is a precious commodity and so I must be off! Much homework is to be done before Monday...

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Another day without school...

So with Martian Luther King Jr. day rolling around the corner tomorrow, I find myself yet again with no school and time to write, which is fortunate for that seems to be practically the only time i have to write these days. Life has been pretty routine for the past couple weeks: soccer, school, drumline, homework, and squeezing in sleep. Although recently there has been a temporary swell in our normally quite modest number of house dwellers in California, when my sister Allie came back for the weekend and behind paraded a rambunctious group of college students that number 8 (including her), but at times can make more noise than a small army. But I suppose that's what happens when a bunch of friends go to a persons house to crash for a couple of days, major bonding occurs. I suppose bonding is somehow indirectly correlated to noise? Because it seems like a lot of my bonding experiences were also loud and/or destructive. There is not much to report after this except for the fact that first semester is coming to an alarming close next week, it feels like just yesterday I was fresh from Utah sporting my neon yellow and green cast (is it possible to miss a cast?) and bravely learning my band show with one arm. Now all of the sudden I'm in the middle of a soccer season, beginning(ish) of a drumline season, and concert season is in full bloom, with our next concert coming up in a couple weeks. Until next time (goodness knows when THAT will be...)


Monday, December 21, 2009

the hectic life of one teenage soul...

So, apart from my previous mention of the craziness of homework and drumline, which is plenty enough to keep one busy and not give them much relaxation time, as previously mentioned, I now have the privilege and responsibility of being on the JV girls soccer team! It has been fun, and we have been winning a lot (which is always fun), but it has rearranged my priorities dramatically. My priorities are now, in order: soccer, drumline, homework, other (ex. ortho) and then sleep. Sleep, I have realized the hard way, is a privilege that must be earned through hard work and not that much homework, and not the necessity I have always thought that it was. Although this has its negative outcomes, such as having to take power naps in class and being constantly tire, I have found that there is always a positive way of thinking that I could create. But now I am sleeping a lot as it is winter break! Ah, winter break, the very sensations that those words create and correlations that I have with the phrase makes me smile. I think you all are aware of the feelings that the winter holidays bring.
So far my entire family is here, with the exception of the beloved sister, aunt, and daughter, Lauren. This has created a once again full house, no longer a lonely and generally quite library that this house has become of late. It is joyous and I can't wait for our family to be complete and for Lauren to return once again to California. As I leaned back to review what I have written so far, a perfect example on how simple things can bring so much joy. From my vantage point in the library, I can just barely see the Christmas tree, but I could clearly hear my funny brother holding his son, Quentin and making funny noises while Quentin smiled and looked intently at the tree. He seems so intelligent, yet he is only five months old! We believe that he was born to follow in his grandfather and father's footsteps, that baby was born to go to MIT. Now they are playing on the piano, and I can almost see Quentin's delighted reaction to the music that he creates with his father when he hits a key, as he is fascinated with music, along with almost everything else in this world. He is the sort of baby, that is content with watching the earth go by, and simply observing, as long as his parents are there to translate is odd noises for him, he is set.
Well now I must leave you and go Christmas shopping! HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE <3


Sunday, October 25, 2009


So apart from going to Boston to visit the cutest baby there ever was, life has been pretty dull. My whole life has consisted of drumline, food, homework, and a occasional hours of sleep that I can manage to have. We've had 2 shows, 3 football games and a fair so far, with yesterday being the first day off that I have had to do whatever I wanted. I of course went to Six Flags Magic Mountain with Lauren Kristin Tiffany and Maisy. (Lauren already left before this pic was taken)

After Lauren and my mom left, everyone else and I turned to face a different Six Flags. This Six Flags had creatures crawling around screaming people in scare zones and a very dark amusement park. We ventured off to some rides, with happy faces, but soon everything changed...

While my dad and I were having a great time, taking pics like these... and the ones down below...

Tiffany, Maisy, and Kristin were truly experiencing the fright fest, and Tiffany actually became famous for her screams by other, they were the entertainment of the night. (Who needs scary people when there are a couple teenage girls screaming because someone is walking towards them and cowering together and fleeing through the wrong part??) They experienced things that I wished I put on video, but one guy that especially terrorised was this one

The bottom guy was my second favorite, after that guy with the rings that I took a picture with. The guy was simply walking towards Kristin, Maisy and Tiffany and the screamed so much and were backing up out of the scare zone (on the wrong side) It took the combined forces of my dad, my camera, and me to get all three of them to the other side, they were so terrified. All in all they ended up happy and scared, too scared even to go through another scare zone to Batman (that ride and Scream were my two favorites). All in all it was excellent and we were exhausted and satisfied.

Monday, August 31, 2009

cast off, Lake Powell, fires

YAY MY CAST IS OFF!!! :D but I have to wear a splint for 3 more weeks because apparently i broke multiple bones, which my other doctor in Utah failed to see, but all is well.. My family recently got back from a mandatory evacuation from the dreaded and highly deadly "station fire". So we packed up in about 2 min after being woken up in the middle of the night, and started the short trek down to Orange County to chill with our Kinnosen cousins until the order was lifted and we got power back in our house...which we now have. Although it looks like the moon over here and it smells extremely strongly of barbecue. School would've started for me today D: but luckily it has been postponed....until tomorrow. But anyway I'm just glad that I get to say that school started in September and finishes two days early.

Anyway, for Lake Powell. Well I can honestly say it was wayy fun :) and that all those wiplash wipeouts i had innertubing was worth it (ahem ahem uncle mark cough cough). This is a pic of when I wiped out, you see the big splash behind jessamyn?? ya, that was me.
But of course, I wasnt the only one to fall, with no help from the submarining tub either..

A look at my charming cousins, they are not without fear either, especially because the longer you stay on, the more likely uncle Mark is to pull a flying stunt when you are pankacked or use his donught of doom or something truely terrifying (especially when you only have one arm)
Here is a grat view of my cast, oh ya, also Chase (phelpsy) who is
Marshall's friend was there
and heres a picture of Chase apout to be flattened by us O.o
And sometimes, Uncle Mark even tries to flip us....
But I think we survived that one
After a long day of hard work (and a very satisfied Uncle Mark) we all hang out on the upper deck, eating, talking, or playing dirty dora (the reason why Allie is cradling cards)

We also went slot canyon exploring, and we had to swim a long way into muck and bark that was an inch thick, and got permenantly into my cast....but this is as far as we could get our cameras
We also of course went wakeboarding, which unfornuatly I was not allowed to do due to the fact that I only had one arm. So I will only put up one or two pics. This one is when my dad wakeboarded, and the houseboat is in the backround (with some scenery)
Also this is Marshall getting really good air
Here is a good pancaking shot by the way Also, whitney and valerie enjoyed party hopping, which looks kinda like this

Another very exciting discovery in Lake powell was of the wildlife, such as the ring tailed cats (cauatis) and bold chipmunks

In case you were wondering about the chimpunk, yes, Marshall and Chase did get the chipmunk, but the chipmunk escaped with a marvelous feat of acrobatics through saran wrap.
All in all, Lake Powell was amazing, and I can't wait to go back